I just was pondering how I would love to read about what other people buy at the grocery...and here's a whole community about it! I hope it's not dead yet!

Our family consists of J and I, my elderly mom and our 3 girls ages 14,11, and 1. So, we go through a lot of food. I have a love/hate relationship with cooking, but try to keep the pantry stocked well so I am inspired to save more money and cook at home far more often.

(uh...but don't ask about tonight...it was take n bake pizza!) ;)

So...before I go dredge up my last Costco receipt, is this community still alive?

farmers markets
 I just found this community and I think it is real neat.  

I live in Richmond, VA.  I am not sure where everyone else is from, but any of you have local farmers markets or community gardens?  I am only cooking for me and my fiance so my grocery list may be a bit shorter.  I cook everywhere meal we eat.  So I am buying for 3 meals a day plus snacks and it can add up.  

I feel that going to farmers markets to get fruits and vegetables is cheaper than the grocery store.  Sometimes certain foods are more at a farmers market like corn, but I think fresh corn tastes better so I am willing to "splurge."  Some farmers markets sell locally grown breads, which are more but taste lovely!

I just found a community garden near me, so I am looking forward to joining and trying to grow some of my own vegetables I am always buying.  I live in an apartment with no yard and the community garden is a quick 3 minute bike ride.   Has anyone gone down this road to help curb some of the grocery costs?

My name is Angel and I'm a frugaholic.
Hello kind [hopefully] kind people of the community. I'm new here, and something of a lurker but I'm trying to cure myself of the habit. I joined mostly because I'm treating my venture into the world of watching what I spend like something in need of group therapy.

It's always easier to get something done if you're surrounded by people who are trying to get the same thing done.

So.. my weekly food budget is 120.00 dollars a week. For a family of three, two adults and one autistic five year old who eats like it's going out of style.

My partial grocery list. C-Town. P.s. we live in NYC.

5 Krasdale microwavable pizzas @ 0.99 cents
5 Krasdale Macaroni Mac 'n' Cheese  @ 5 x 2.00 dollars
4 8 oz Sharp Cheddar sticks  @ 4 x 5.00 dollars.
1 32 oz Krasdale Sour Cream  @ 1.19
1 Krasdale Chocolate Syrup  @ 1.89
1 Krasdale Worcestire sauce  @ 1.19
6 Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in water  @ 3 x 2.00
1 Package Krasdale spread quarters @ 0.89 cents
2 Haagen Daaz Containers of ice cream @ 2 x 5.00

My receipt says 26 items for 26.09.

Hopefully I'll be able to edit this later if I can find the rest of my receipts, since the only way to shop cheap here is to go to five different stores.

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luna by heimweh26
Trader Joes
Salted Yellow Tortilla Chips $1.99x2
Spinach and Artichoke Dip $2.69x2
Who Wheat Pizza Dough $1.29
Whole Wheat Pita Bread $1.69
Garlic and Herb Chicken Sausage $3.99x2
Basil Plant $2.99
Seasoned Ahi Tuna Steaks $5.49
Red Fire Roasted Peppers $1.99

10 Pounds of Red Potatoes $4.79
24 ounces of Crumbled Feta $5.99
2 Pounds of Mozarella Cheese $3.45
6.3 pounds ground turkey $14.59
Salsa $5.39
6.5 pounds boneless chicken thighs $12.79
3 pounds of bananas $1.32
2 pounds of shrimp $13.99
Flour tortillas $2.49
7 pounds of pork tenderloin $13.89
Case of canned corn $7.99
Gallon Freezer Ziplocs $10.79

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Wow, been awhile since I posted in here.

-Pepsi .99
-Chips ahoy cookies 2.50
-Sliced beef .59
-half loaf of bread 1.29
-Hamburger 3.22
-Thin spaghetti 1.25
-Spaghetti sauce 1.84
-Cocoa puffs 2.48
-Kroger chocolate marshmellow ice cream .99
-Blueberry yoplait yogurt .50
-half gallon of chocolate milk 1.25
Mmm, food.

This Weeks Grocery List
dug happy
Spring Onions 50p
Baby potatoes x 2 £2.76
Mushrooms x 3 £2.85
Onions x 3 £1.00
red pepper 72p
apples 65p
bananas 99p
veg selection 90p
bag spinach £1.40
garden salad 99p
Reduced Chives 75p
grapes £2.49
chicken drumsticks £2.00
value yogurt x 4 29p
ski yogurt x 8 £2
Basmati rice 98p
Orange Juice x 2 £1.50
tampons £2.99
2L milk £2.12
puff pastry 94p
Hair accessories x 3 £3.95
Flora spread £1.40
Half fat cheese £1.98
Cat food £2.46
sausages 48p
prawns £1.82
plasters 34p
chicken supreme mix 87p
sausage casserole mix 78p
bread £1.15
pepsi max 2L x 4 £6.24
sparkling water 2L x 3 36p
soap 96p

Total should have been £51.84.
I paid £23.99.
Further details and help with frugality here:http://learningatlast.wordpress.com/

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little people horseys
 2 trips today:

Grocery store:

1 gallon skim milk, $2 
1 gallon whole milk $2.79
1/2 gallon OV Organic vanilla soy milk, $3.59 (new brand trying)
1/2 gallon Silk Very Vanilla soy milk $3.25
1 lb butter $1.99
1 lb bacon $2.99 **
1/2 pint buttermilk $0.59
dry pint blueberries $2.50 **
medium cheddar $4.70 (at $3/lb!!! woo!) **
pint heavy cream $2.19
3 lbs yellow onions $1.99 **
head romaine lettuce (79¢/lb! woo!) $0.92 **
4 med tomatoes $1.50

 - $1 coupon for new soy milk
- 15 ¢ for using my own bags

 = $29.85
** sale items

Farmer's market:

gigantic bunch of green onions $2
smallish bunch cilantro $1
big bag of spinach $2
big bag of various lettuce $2
1 lb red popcorn $2
big cotton candy $1
bag of buttered popcorn $1
small potted rosemary plant $3

Total: $14

Now I have to figure out waht to do with my veggies!
And I would like to reiterate how nice it is to live in the great state of Wisconsin where dairy items are always cheap!

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dug happy

Overall, the total bill should have been £49.77. I paid £23.35.  A saving of £26.42.

Not bad ;)

Here’s the list:

washing powder

tin borlotti beans

country crisp cereal

pot noodle x2


4 pint milk x 2


3 x bag mixed vegetables

bag spinach

3 pack of onions

large carrot

chasseur mix

puff pastry

sausage casserole mix

orange juice x 2

pack spaghetti


sleeping aids

new potatoes x 2 bags

mushrooms x 2 punnets

cherry tomatoes



bag of mixed salad

red pepper



cat food

2 litres sparkling water x 6

1 litre spring water x 3

2 litre pepsi max x 4

bacon rashers

chicken drumsticks

4 pack yogurts x 4

All details, and hints and tips on frugality and saving can be found here: http://learningatlast.wordpress.com/

Pleased ta' meet y'all.
Joey Ramone (created by skimo_icons)
Hullo all. Just joined up with this rad community. Just letting you know who these groceries feed, There's Joey (the fiancee) and Myself (Lux) and three cats: Andy (the scrappy male eldest), "THE Sweetums" (The sleepy, scowly, gigantic, fuzzy, female, monster of a cat) and Dent (a female runt whose gone onto great things... like breaking all my mothers wedding dishes). But I digress...

So, pay day cometh up, and so our (myself and my fiancee) biweekly grocery list is beginning to unfold within my notebook...

- A tube of sugar-free kool-aid
- A large jar of dill pickles
- 4 Frozen bean burritos
- A loaf of french bread
- A packet of 8 ears of corn (to serve at a small party we're hosting for a "Children of the Corn-a-thon"... Yes, we're that lame.)
- Four 1L bottles of flavoured, carbonated water
- A few plums
- A cucumber
- A small jar of pickled jalepeneos
- A large pag of bowtie pasta
- Celery
- A packet of pre-cooked frozen shrimp
- Soy milk
- Extra-firm tofu
- A bag of frozen hash browns
- Eggs

I shall continue the list as the week wears on...

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Money saving for summer fun continues, hope to alternate the grocery shopping a bit in the weeks to come

Half loaf of bread- 1.29
Twelve pack of pepsi- 3.00
Gallon of chocolate milk- 2.59
Sweet honey catalina salad dressing- 1.69
Colgate toothpaste- 1.00
buddig chicken- .59
buddig beef- .59
Captain Crunch cereal- 2.29


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