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dug happy
masters_pet wrote in my_grocery_list

Overall, the total bill should have been £49.77. I paid £23.35.  A saving of £26.42.

Not bad ;)

Here’s the list:

washing powder

tin borlotti beans

country crisp cereal

pot noodle x2


4 pint milk x 2


3 x bag mixed vegetables

bag spinach

3 pack of onions

large carrot

chasseur mix

puff pastry

sausage casserole mix

orange juice x 2

pack spaghetti


sleeping aids

new potatoes x 2 bags

mushrooms x 2 punnets

cherry tomatoes



bag of mixed salad

red pepper



cat food

2 litres sparkling water x 6

1 litre spring water x 3

2 litre pepsi max x 4

bacon rashers

chicken drumsticks

4 pack yogurts x 4

All details, and hints and tips on frugality and saving can be found here:


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