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My name is Angel and I'm a frugaholic.
slowevolution wrote in my_grocery_list
Hello kind [hopefully] kind people of the community. I'm new here, and something of a lurker but I'm trying to cure myself of the habit. I joined mostly because I'm treating my venture into the world of watching what I spend like something in need of group therapy.

It's always easier to get something done if you're surrounded by people who are trying to get the same thing done.

So.. my weekly food budget is 120.00 dollars a week. For a family of three, two adults and one autistic five year old who eats like it's going out of style.

My partial grocery list. C-Town. P.s. we live in NYC.

5 Krasdale microwavable pizzas @ 0.99 cents
5 Krasdale Macaroni Mac 'n' Cheese  @ 5 x 2.00 dollars
4 8 oz Sharp Cheddar sticks  @ 4 x 5.00 dollars.
1 32 oz Krasdale Sour Cream  @ 1.19
1 Krasdale Chocolate Syrup  @ 1.89
1 Krasdale Worcestire sauce  @ 1.19
6 Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in water  @ 3 x 2.00
1 Package Krasdale spread quarters @ 0.89 cents
2 Haagen Daaz Containers of ice cream @ 2 x 5.00

My receipt says 26 items for 26.09.

Hopefully I'll be able to edit this later if I can find the rest of my receipts, since the only way to shop cheap here is to go to five different stores.

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That's pretty impressive, especially living in NYC. I used to live in northern NJ, and the food bills almost killed me (one ex-husband, 2 preteen boys--all of whom are built like linebackers--and yours truly).

I'm in NC now, and spend about 1/5th of what I used to. Granted, it is just me and my fiance most of the year, but the savings is HUGE.

I can't recommend coupons enough, if you don't already.

Hurray ! I got a reply ! >.> I thrive on the little things. As for coupons, they kill me. AOL every once in a while will have an article on a young couple or something who got rich just by clipping coupons. That's really tricky for me however because I almost never buy name brand stuff.

I've only ever seen coupons for pricey stuff. As you can see, I do Krasdale, Supermarket brands, and luckily because I live in a mostly hispanic community little other unknown spanish brands for just about everything. Even detergent ! I got my SO hooked on a powder detergent called Ariel. Cheap as dirt, but not coupons.

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