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farmers markets
cup_cakery wrote in my_grocery_list
 I just found this community and I think it is real neat.  

I live in Richmond, VA.  I am not sure where everyone else is from, but any of you have local farmers markets or community gardens?  I am only cooking for me and my fiance so my grocery list may be a bit shorter.  I cook everywhere meal we eat.  So I am buying for 3 meals a day plus snacks and it can add up.  

I feel that going to farmers markets to get fruits and vegetables is cheaper than the grocery store.  Sometimes certain foods are more at a farmers market like corn, but I think fresh corn tastes better so I am willing to "splurge."  Some farmers markets sell locally grown breads, which are more but taste lovely!

I just found a community garden near me, so I am looking forward to joining and trying to grow some of my own vegetables I am always buying.  I live in an apartment with no yard and the community garden is a quick 3 minute bike ride.   Has anyone gone down this road to help curb some of the grocery costs?

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I find that you can get all kinds of amazing greens (collrds, mustards, turnips, kale, chards) for stupidly cheap. And a HUGE amount for so little. Seriously, I love greens and I know they cook down, but wow do I adore my farmers market for them.

Yeah I love farmers markets. We may start buying most of our food in bulk since I hate going grocery shopping and then each week just hitting up the farmers market for produce. I hope it works out!

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