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Hiiii! I got a shit-ton of groceries! (I also got a job, for those of you following my saga of stupid.)

Savoy Cabbage, $0.53
Store Brand Sliced Munster Cheese, $1.79
Half of a Cantaloupe, $1.11
Store Brand Swiss Cheese, $1.99
Four Tomatoes, $3.22
One Vidalia Onion, $0.36
One Baby Eggplant, $0.99
Vitamin D Milk, $1.79
Sangria Pop, $0.99
One whole Chicken, $5.07 (A friend is living with me at the moment, and we had no trouble finishing it off, although we did throw away the carcass.)
Skim Milk, $1.25
Green Leaf Lettuce, 1.07
Teriyaki Sauce, $1.49
Fresh Spinach, $1.35
Fresh Sliced Mushrooms, $1.95
Margarine, $0.69
Wing Sauce, $1.70
Sunflower Seeds, $1.49
Coriander, $2.00
Four pack of Tapioca Pudding, $0.92
Red Pepper Flakes, $1.00
Curry Powder, $3.19
Wild Cherry Pepsi, $1.59
Nutmeg, $1.00
V8 Splash (Berry), $2.79
Cottage Cheese, $1.00 (10 for $10)
Plain Yogurt, $2.99
Turmeric, $2.89

Total: $53.51

my list for tomorrow
dug happy

fresh thyme

sausage meat

creme fraiche


fresh red chilli

mushrooms x 2 packs

bag of salad




bag of veg x 2


casserole mix

stirfry veg mix



sparkling water x 5



cat food

orange juice

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Still saving money for summer activities so not buying much but oh well...

-One pound of deli mustard potato salad 1.00
-Pepsi minis 2.99
-Individual Pepsi .99
-eggs .89
-Half loaf of bread 1.29
-Half gallon of chocolate milk 1.99

So, score, you guys. I got a $100 gift card to Target!

This is what I got: (Not including clothes.)

Tortilla Chips, $2.25
1 pound of trail mix(!!), $2.50(!!!)
Cucumber water (don't buy this, it's awful, oh god what was I thinking), $1.01
Grape Jelly, 1.44
Indian Meal Kit, $3.99
Cereal, $2.50
Skim Milk, 1.54
Cheese, 1.89

I am realllly pleased with the Archer Farms brand, I wish the Target here had a produce section, I would do a bit of my grocery shopping there!

Also, please remember that this is also a !PICTURE COMMUNITY! as well, tell your photographer friends, gaiz.

More shopping
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May 13:

  • 90g chocolate, $2.29

I noticed today that the $2.29 bar I buy is also 90g, not 100g. All my previous posts are incorrect.

May 12:

  • about 1 pound of boneless pork loin, $2.95

The pork loin was used to make stir fry for five. Yesterday was also my CSA, so I made a stir fry out of last week's CSA zucchini, and this weeks bok choy and the greens from my radishes. Plus the meat. I served it over saffron rice.

I also realized that I lost a receipt and never posted about comfort food on May 8th. I bought some pork, sour cream, and egg noodles that night to make paprikash out of.

Heads UP
dug happy
UK shoppers, Tesco are selling Cathedral mature cheese at £3.85, but at buy one get one free.

Great bargain!

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May 11:

  • 90g chocolate (different bar than previous), $2.79

May 12:

  • 90g chocolate bar, $2.79
  • 2 organic apples, $0.93
  • 4 donuts, $2.40

I've been slacking on posting!
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May 10:

  • 1 quart of "buttermilk", $189
  • 100g chocolate, $2.29
  • 12oz red pepper turkey/chicken sausage, $7.99
  • 12oz chicken/apple sausage, $7.99
  • 18 eggs, $1.95
  • 1 lb butter, $2.95
  • 3 lb salt, $2.19

May 9:

  • assorted candy for a party, $7.98

May 7:

  • 100g chocolate, $2.29

May 7 again:

  • cubed steak, $2.62
  • 5 lb potatoes, $2.39

May 6th and 7th
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May 6:

  • 2 bags of candy, $7.44
  • $20 in cash, $20

May 7:

  • 100g chocolate, $229
  • $10 in cash, $10

The candy was for my D&D game.

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bork bork
 A little bit of shopping today; got some sale stuff - chips and green onions and lettuce. woo!

$1.39 pint of lemon sherbet
$2.29 quart of citrus sherbet
$4.00 2 bags of tortilla chips
$2.49 cherry tomatoes
$1.50 2 cucumbers
$1.91 3 red delicious apples, $1.59/lb
$0.98 head of romaine lettuce, $0.79/lb
$0.34 one bunch green onions
$2.99 1/2 gallon of 8th continent choc soy milk
$1.69 2 L caffeine free diet coke
$1.69 2 L  cherry coke zero
$1.69 2 L coke zero
$2.00 4 cups dannon vanilla yogurt (on sale for 50¢ each)
$1.29 12 oz rainbow rotini
$0.59 1/2 pint buttermilk
$2.79 gallon whole milk (rbst free!)
-$0.10 my own bags

total: $29.81

I must reiterate how much cheaper (and better) dairy products are here in the glorious state of Wisconsin. I cannot believe how cheap milk is here. That $2.79 is the REGULAR PRICE, not sale price. 


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