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Pleased ta' meet y'all.
Joey Ramone (created by skimo_icons)
_is_for_lovers wrote in my_grocery_list
Hullo all. Just joined up with this rad community. Just letting you know who these groceries feed, There's Joey (the fiancee) and Myself (Lux) and three cats: Andy (the scrappy male eldest), "THE Sweetums" (The sleepy, scowly, gigantic, fuzzy, female, monster of a cat) and Dent (a female runt whose gone onto great things... like breaking all my mothers wedding dishes). But I digress...

So, pay day cometh up, and so our (myself and my fiancee) biweekly grocery list is beginning to unfold within my notebook...

- A tube of sugar-free kool-aid
- A large jar of dill pickles
- 4 Frozen bean burritos
- A loaf of french bread
- A packet of 8 ears of corn (to serve at a small party we're hosting for a "Children of the Corn-a-thon"... Yes, we're that lame.)
- Four 1L bottles of flavoured, carbonated water
- A few plums
- A cucumber
- A small jar of pickled jalepeneos
- A large pag of bowtie pasta
- Celery
- A packet of pre-cooked frozen shrimp
- Soy milk
- Extra-firm tofu
- A bag of frozen hash browns
- Eggs

I shall continue the list as the week wears on...


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