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This Weeks Grocery List
dug happy
masters_pet wrote in my_grocery_list
Spring Onions 50p
Baby potatoes x 2 £2.76
Mushrooms x 3 £2.85
Onions x 3 £1.00
red pepper 72p
apples 65p
bananas 99p
veg selection 90p
bag spinach £1.40
garden salad 99p
Reduced Chives 75p
grapes £2.49
chicken drumsticks £2.00
value yogurt x 4 29p
ski yogurt x 8 £2
Basmati rice 98p
Orange Juice x 2 £1.50
tampons £2.99
2L milk £2.12
puff pastry 94p
Hair accessories x 3 £3.95
Flora spread £1.40
Half fat cheese £1.98
Cat food £2.46
sausages 48p
prawns £1.82
plasters 34p
chicken supreme mix 87p
sausage casserole mix 78p
bread £1.15
pepsi max 2L x 4 £6.24
sparkling water 2L x 3 36p
soap 96p

Total should have been £51.84.
I paid £23.99.
Further details and help with frugality here:


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