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wisteria wrote in my_grocery_list
I just was pondering how I would love to read about what other people buy at the grocery...and here's a whole community about it! I hope it's not dead yet!

Our family consists of J and I, my elderly mom and our 3 girls ages 14,11, and 1. So, we go through a lot of food. I have a love/hate relationship with cooking, but try to keep the pantry stocked well so I am inspired to save more money and cook at home far more often.

(uh...but don't ask about was take n bake pizza!) ;)

So...before I go dredge up my last Costco receipt, is this community still alive?

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i'm reading, though not posting.

go ahead and post, even if i'm the only one still out here. i'd love to know what you bought.

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